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Counseling Office: (651) 423-7522
Counseling FAX: (651) 423-7888 
Student Hours: Hybrid Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 8:00 a.m. – 1:40 p.m.

The Rosemount High School CEEB number is: 242-125

Counseling services are available to all students. The counselors will assist students in making decisions about course selections, occupational planning, college choice and personal adjustment through the use of individual and small group counseling. The Counseling Department provides up-to-date information about careers, colleges, technical and vocational schools, referrals to outside agencies, financial aid, personal-social adjustment and study skills. Students wishing to see a counselor may make an appointment by clicking the link to schedule an appointment below your counselors profile or by calling our counseling office secretaries at 651-423-7522. Appointments should be made during the student's study hall, if possible.

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rhs counseling office profile 2022-23


Counselor (A-Cho)

Ms Boldus

FEX (Foreign Exchange)

Jennifer Boldus
Voice mail #37526
Email Ms. Boldus
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (Chp-Had)

Mr DesJarlais

Kiel Des Jarlais
Voice mail #37527
Email Mr. Des Jarlais
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (Hae-Lan)

Ms Martinson

Lori Martinson
Voice mail #37528
Email Ms. Martinson
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (Lao-Mul)

Jill Heasley

Avid 11

Jill Heasley
Voice mail #37529
Email Ms. Heasley
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (Mun-Re)


Avid 10

Lisa Hansen
Voice mail #37530
Email Ms. Hansen
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (Rf-S)

Callie Urban

Avid 12

Callie Urban
Voice mail #37532
Email Ms. Urban
Schedule an Appointment

Counselor (T-Z)

Mr Terry

Avid 9

Chad Terry
Voice mail #37533
Email Mr. Terry
Schedule an Appointment

Social Worker

Social Worker

Jim Ciemny
Voice mail #37534
Email Mr. Ciemny
Schedule an Appointment

Counseling Secretary

Ms Strunk

Jill Strunk
Voice Mail #37522
Email Ms. Strunk


Ms Schaffer

Maggie Shaffer
Voice mail #37524
Email Ms. Shaffer

Career Center Specialist

Ms Heieie

Lynn Heieie
Voice mail #37525
Email Ms. Heieie

Support Specialist

Jake Del Pino

Jake Del Pino
Voice mail #37518
Email Mr. Del Pino