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RHS Prom

Event Date/Times:

Date: Saturday May 20th


  • Grand March Session 1: 3:00 (Arrive as early as 2:30pm, Last entry at 3:45pm)
  • Grand March Session 2: 4:15 (Arrive as early as 3:45, Last entry at 4:30pm)
    Students must choose a preferred session when purchasing tickets.
    Students can arrive anytime in that session window - Please note last entry time.

McNamara Alumni Center  7:30 - 11:30pm
200 Southeast Oak Street, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Ticket Purchase

Tickets are $55 per person / $110 per couple and can be purchased on MyPaymentsPlus by Juniors or Seniors starting May 1st through May 12th.  Students, be sure to notice there are one ticket OR two ticket options for purchase so choose the one that fits best for you. 


*Tickets will be checked at the door at BOTH the Grand March and the Dance.  

Be sure to have them ready to present upon arrival for both locations.*

Ticket PickUp

  • Tickets handed out to in person students in Advisory on Tuesday May 16th

  • All tickets not received Tuesday May 16th can be picked up in N25 after school. 

***The student who purchased the ticket(s) on MyPaymentsPlus will be the one receiving ticket(s) in advisory. 

Prom Guests:
Seniors and Juniors are able to purchase tickets on MyPaymentsPlus.  Guests of students can be RHS freshman or sophomores as well as outside of RHS guests aged under 21.  If your guest is a non 196 student a ‘prom guest form’ will need to be picked up from Mrs. Dougherty/Mr. Conboy in the main office and returned by Wednesday May 17th prior to prom for full student approval.

The Grand March:

The Grand March will take place in the Rosemount High School gym.  Grand March will take place in two shifts:  first shift participants will be announced starting at 3pm and second shift announced starting at 4:15pm.  Students chose a grand march time when their ticket was purchased.  Please see directions below based on what shift was chosen when tickets were purchased.

3:00 First Session

4:15 Second Session

  • Names announced beginning at 3:00pm

  • Students can arrive as early as 2:30pm through the main doors.

  • Last check in time for first shift is 3:30pm -anyone arriving after that time runs the risk of not being called during Grand March

  • Names announced beginning at 4:15pm

  • Students can arrive as early as 3:45pm
    through the main doors.

  • Last check in time for second shift is 4:30pm -anyone arriving after that time runs the risk of not being called during Grand March

Friends and family can come and view the Grand March for FREE.  All friends and family must enter school through the PAC/East Door entrance only.  Doors will be open starting at 2:30pm. 

Students participating in Grand March will be allowed only to enter through the main doors.  All students participating in Grand March will require a ticket for entry.  Your ticket reflects your specific Grand March time, so be sure to arrive within that window (see information above).  Students will need to retain their ticket to enter the dance at McNamara later that night.

The Grand March will begin with live entertainment.  Couples will cross the gym floor from right to left (when viewing the main gym floor) and each couple will be introduced as they cross over the middle of an elevated platform.  Once students have been announced they will be directed to the South Commons to meet with family/friends or leave RHS for dinner or additional group pictures on their own before arriving to McNamara at 7:30pm.

McNamara Parking Options

Arriving at McNamara:

Doors to the dance will open at 7:30pm, tickets need to be shown upon entry.  Once students have arrived at prom they can stay as long as they would like.  Students that leave the event will not be allowed to re-enter.  

Parking Details:

McNamara has two adjacent parking ramps within a block of the venue. 

University Ave Ramp: (500 spots)
1926 University Ave. SE, Mpls. 55455

Washington Ave Ramp: (1300 spots)
501 Washington Ave. SE, Mpls. 55455

University Ramp will be on event rate mode, meaning students will need to pay upon entry with a credit card ($10).  Parking is charged per car so we encourage students to carpool together and split the cost. 
Additional parking details can be found at:

Be sure to investigate parking options beforehand to be prepared for the night.  

Students that are being dropped off by a limo, bus or parent should be prepared to unload quickly at the main Oak Street address which has a turnaround right at the front door. 


What to expect at the Dance (McNamara):

  • Complimentary assortment of desserts as well as soda, lemonade, water   

  • Large group games (bags and giant jenga)

  • FREE Coat check for jackets, purses, shoes

  • Photo booth with pictures printed on-site from an open air photobooth.  This booth will allow groups to gather at one time and record their memories in a variety of formats.  Students can visit the photo booth unlimited times during the night and because these pictures will print on site, students will be able to take them home night of.  These photos are also included in the price of the ticket. This photo booth will run 7:30 - 11:30pm.  


Prom Map

Once students have arrived at prom they can stay as long as they would like.  

Students that leave the venue will not be allowed to re-enter.