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Welcome to all new and prospective families of Rosemount High School. We are delighted about you joining us.

Rosemount High School is a modern, well-equipped comprehensive public high school with an enrollment in excess of 2350 students in grades 9 through 12. Campus and building features include:

  • 650 seat state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center
  • Online library catalog and research system
  • Extensive wired and wireless network available throughout the facility
  • Over 110 classrooms including specialized science labs, lecture areas and small instructional settings, many equipped with interactive white board technology
  • A 110 acre campus which includes a 3,200 seat, lighted outdoor football, soccer and 8-lane, allweather track stadium
  • Video production facility with cable access to classrooms
  • Fully-equipped strength-conditioning-fitness facility
  • Dance studio
  • Voice mail and e-mail for all faculty and staff

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Welcome to the proud home of the Rosemount Irish!

Pete Roback

Rosemount High School is a special place.  It is a growing, vibrant, and inclusive learning community that compliments high academic standards with individual choice to pursue opportunities based on interests and passions.  I love the Rosemount community - my family lives here and my two sons attend Rosemount schools.  I feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction in leading such a dynamic and high achieving school where students are cared for and allowed to grow and learn from their experiences.

There is a strong sense of community at Rosemount High School - you can feel it when you are in the building or at any of our activities. This energy and spirit wasn’t created overnight. It is deeply rooted into our school culture going back decades of teachers taking great pride and care in developing positive and meaningful relationships with students, community leaders integrating their vision with a strong and growing school, and parents partnering with the school to nurture their kids.

We work everyday to maintain a culture of high standards and expectations where students feel comfortable and safe so they are better able to maximize their learning potential.  Our school motto rings true - Pride in the Past, Performance in the Present, Promise in the Future.

There are learning and growth opportunities for ALL students at Rosemount High School through our committed belief in the Arts, Athletics, and Academics.  This AAA Philosophy encourages students to stretch themselves and participate in a variety of activities and programs throughout the traditional school day and beyond.  Fostering well-rounded students at RHS helps cultivate a culture of community, acceptance, respect, and empathy - four of our nine Irish Way Values.

In addition to our AAA Philosophy and Irish Way Values we are grounded by a set of Core Beliefs which guide us in our daily work together.  Great time and care were spent as a community crafting these beliefs.  Our goal is to bring these beliefs to life by modeling and continually referencing as students and staff.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or visit us.  Our work together as a RHS Learning Community continues!

Go Irish!
Principal Pete Roback